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EcoCopper Sustainable Benefits

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EcoCopper™ Sustainable Benefits

Available in a variety of colors, finishes, and textures, EcoCopper materials include strip, coil, sheet and plate forms. Depending on the application, EcoCopper may contribute to earning LEED credits as part of the U.S. Green Building Council's Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification program for high performance buildings.

As evidenced by the large number of LEED projects certified and on file for new construction, building expectations are changing. Owners, developers, and building professionals require more information about the materials and products used in construction.

If you are looking for durable materials and building components that provide sustainable benefits throughout the entire life cycle of the product, the life cycle cost alone can make EcoCopper alloys economical for commercial and institutional buildings. Initial cost, maintenance, and the life expectancy of the product must be evaluated as well as the salvage value of the metal. EcoCopper materials are inherently recyclable and retain most of the primary metal cost.

Introducing EcoCopper Green Building Materials

For sustainable building projects, only EcoCopper alloys offer all of these green benefits:

  • Recycled content of up to 100%
  • Produced with renewable wind energy of up to 100% for electric
  • Shipped with recyclable or biodegradable packaging
  • Shipped from a plant located in the Midwest
  • No landfill waste generated during manufacturing, fabrication or installation
  • Can conform to ASTM B370* specifications
  • Strip, coil, sheet and plate forms available
  • Special composites available
  • Wide range of thicknesses, dimensions, and tempers available
  • Malleable, easy to form and join
  • Attractive colors including traditional red, yellow, gold, bronze, and silver

To maximize recycled content, copper content limits shall be established and analysis required for unnamed elements by agreement between PMX and the purchaser

LEED Credit

EcoCopper can contribute to earning LEED points under the materials and resource category for using building materials with high recycled content.

EcoCopper flashing is your best defense against water and rot damage from a leaking roof.

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