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Advantages of PMX Alloys

As the technology requirements for servers, routers, and other electronic equipment demand faster operating speeds, higher operating temperatures, and greater durability, PMX interconnection materials provide a cost-effective solution for interconnects, terminal blocks, plugs, and other forms of connectors. Our expertise in developing precision copper alloys enables engineers to meet the most demanding performance criteria.

PMX copper-nickel-silicon, copper-zirconium, and copper-iron based precision alloys are used in connector designs where a combination of high conductivity, high strength, good formability, and exceptional stress relaxation resistance are required to optimize a contact design. Our objective is to provide designers with cost-effective materials that not only perform, but are reliable in miniaturized designs.

PMX high precision copper alloys offer these advantages:

  • Developed and supported by experienced metallurgists and technical staff
  • High electrical and thermal conductivity that minimizes resistive heating
  • Excellent stress relaxation resistance at higher temperatures for long term stability
  • Superior yield strength that provides good spring characteristics
  • Ideal bend formability for better fabrication and increased press speeds
  • Improvements in power quality
  • Increased energy efficiency
  • High performance lead-free, low-insertion force coatings
  • Can be sourced globally through PMX partners and international locations
  • Material consolidation and reduction of alloys due to the versatility of our products
  • A unique scrap buy-back plan to reduce total cost
  • Global Alliances ensure efficient, globally available materials to support your designs

PMX Alliance Members:

R&D Innovation

PMX spends millions of dollars each year in developing new alloys and improving existing ones. This enables you to be more cost-effective and efficient without sacrificing performance and reliability. To learn how to improve connector designs, contact us.

PMX maintains global alliances to keep pace with changing needs while delivering global solutions.

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