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Meeting Challenging Connector Requirements

We make sure we understand the performance requirements of each connector design. PMX will review your complete specification to produce the best copper material for your needs while meeting applicable ASTM standards. This up-front focus results in increased production rates, reduced costs, and lower down time. Most recently, we have successfully collaborated with our customers to develop connector materials to meet these types of interconnection requirements:

  • High temperature connector
  • Mixed power signal terminal
  • High frequency signals I/O
  • Packaging to increase high speed stamping rates
  • Power connector
  • Electric vehicle connector
  • Printed circuit motherboard I/O
  • Insulation displacement connector
  • Transmission line terminal
  • Air bag connector
  • Telecom backplane connector
  • Thermostat control module
  • Circuit breaker
  • Timer – relay switch

PMX connector alloys enable miniaturization, a key attribute to putting more information at your fingertips and connecting you to the world.

Devices that drive the interconnected world run with alloys developed by PMX.

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