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Who We Are

Based in Cedar Rapids, IA, PMX Industries is the leading supplier of high quality copper and copper alloys in North America. In 1992, when PMX opened its new rolling mill, the company took a very sustainable business approach to protect the health and safety of employees and mitigate environmental impacts.

The automated production system was designed to most efficiently produce high quality material. We believe pollution is a form of waste. Emissions to air and water as well as generation of waste represent production inefficiencies. Advanced air and water treatment systems were installed that exceeded all state and federal regulations.

We were able to eliminate any solid waste going to landfill by recycling or converting the waste to saleable materials. For example, the metal particles captured in our air pollution control system are sold to paint and fertilizer manufactures.

We decided not to use lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic, or hexavalent chromium in the comprehensive range of copper and copper alloys we produce. In fact, PMX was RoHS compliant years before the Directive was passed. We do not use hazardous metals in any of our processes or packaging. Our High Precision Copper Alloys meet all requirements of the International RoHS lead-free standard.

Most importantly, copper and copper alloys are 100% recyclable without any loss of performance. At PMX, all of our copper scrap is recycled. Depending on the specific alloy, all of our copper materials contain between 35% and 100% of recycled content.

We Don't Cut Corners

Since our founding, we have been committed to continually improving our safety and environmental performance through ongoing training and new technology. Safety is a top priority. PMX employees also have an active recycling program of metals, cardboard, plastic, and paper. We believe there are direct links between worker safety, quality systems, environmental performance, and economic success.

Business is conducted in accordance with company policies which are based on respect and accountability. PMX has earned a reputation for integrity and consistently meeting high standards. We support our communities and strive to be good neighbors. We know that business success begins with corporate and social responsibility.

By adhering to the highest ethical and legal standards, our talented people have been successful in helping our customers serve their customers. We go far beyond simple compliance with federal and state regulations. We are dedicated to creating value for our shareholders, employees and the customers we serve.

Why PMX?

By recycling paper and plastic, PMX saved 2,060 cubic yards of landfill space in 2011. Contact us to learn more about our sustainable processes.

PMX alloys are available in a wide range of colors, finishes, and textures.

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