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Industries Overview

PMX Industries produces a comprehensive range of precision copper alloys that are used in many different industries and applications. Download the High Precision Alloy Guide to review technical information on our alloys. Our customers include some of the major manufacturers in building and construction, healthcare, electronic devices, automotive components, and consumer products.

We provide unique coinage alloys to government and private mints around the world. Since our founding, PMX has been a trusted supplier of alloys for coins and commemorative medallions. We also provide corrosion-resistant copper alloys for small and large caliber commercial ammunition.

Our advanced metals are used in numerous products that you use every day. Our range of copper alloys, dimensions, colors, and finishes combined with our broad applications background consistently expand the number of products that utilize PMX alloys. Most of these products make modern life easier, more productive, and better in many ways. Copper continues its remarkable record as an integral part of mankind.

Our new MicroGuard antimicrobial copper alloys can improve health and safety by reducing infection-causing bacteria on touch surfaces in public and residential buildings.



Why PMX?

Our copper alloys offer product developers unique combinations of properties that many other metals cannot match. To build PMX expertise into your new products, contact us.

Our broad applications background has made PMX materials ubiquitous in many types of products.

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