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High Precision Alloys Overview

Technology developments in interconnection are driven by miniaturization, maximizing current density, demands for higher reliability, increased operating temperatures, and reducing costs. High precision copper alloys from PMX Industries are helping many connector manufacturers meet the increased demands of the next generation of electronic devices.

Designers of standard and high reliability connectors, as well as customized applications, will benefit from our comprehensive range of high performing alloys. Many of our customers count on PMX high conductivity alloys to pass more current through a system with less heat buildup. Alternatively, many designers have selected higher strength, heat resistant PMX copper alloys to “beat the heat” created by environmental or resistive heating.

Different connector and interconnect applications require specific physical and mechanical properties. PMX has been successful in customizing our alloys to meet demanding cost or performance requirements. Where high strength and high conductivity combined with good formability and reliability of the contact interface are critical, we are have the ability to develop cost-effective materials that can compete with many of the more expensive beryllium copper alloys.

Many of our higher strength alloys offer material substitution opportunities which can reduce overall cost by allowing the designer to can use thinner materials. More interconnects per pound of material means higher efficiency, less waste, and ultimately, a more sustainable solution.

PMX connector alloys have no intentional additions of lead, cadmium, arsenic, or hexavalent chromium. We do not use these hazardous metals in any of our processes or packaging. PMX connector alloys meet all of the requirements of the international RoHS lead-free standard. We recycle all of our copper scrap. Together, these factors establish the PMX operation as a sustainable process to protect the health and safety of our employees and mitigate environmental impacts.



Each new design starts with finding the most cost-effective material and temper to enable the connector to perform though out the life of the product. Our High Precision Copper Alloy Guide is a great place to start.

PMX high precision alloys are used for connectors, switches, terminals, relays, and contacts in a wide range of electronic devices.

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