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PMX Qualifications

Our high precision copper alloys play a critical role in the design of connectors, terminals, relays, contacts, and switches that are used in a wide range of mission critical applications.  Each new design starts with finding the most cost-effective material and temper, which will enable the connector to be produced, assembled, and used throughout the life of the product.

Our connector alloys are used for interconnection components in automobiles, computers, servers, disk drives, telecommunications equipment, networking hardware, high-voltage transmission line hardware, fuses, circuit breakers, safety systems, and portable digital devices.

Increased automotive connectivity demands especially for wiring harnesses and associated connectors requires high strength, high conductivity alloys that can function effectively for 100,000 miles at elevated temperatures. We know that selection of the best connector material depends on our complete understanding of the application, the operating environment, the expected level of reliability, and the cost constraints.

During our entire production process from melting and casting to finishing, our operations are governed by our ISO 9001:2015 quality management system. Our approach focuses on careful planning and design, a state-of-the-art mill, and IEC17025 laboratory certification and practices. This is supported by our engineering expertise in alloy formulation, fabrication, forming and drawing. PMX understands copper alloy metallurgy and knows that sometimes even minimum processing changes can result in maximum benefits.


Speed to Market

PMX produces prototype and limited run samples in our laboratory helping speed up testing and qualification cycle times. To meet your most challenging requirements, please contact us.

Sample materials are produced with the same quality standards as our production process to ensure consistent performance from start to finish.

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