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Copper Alloys Overview

All copper and brass mills are not the same especially when it comes to state-of-the-art equipment, a rigorous quality management system, metallurgical expertise, excellent customer service, and a technical staff dedicated to meeting the most challenging customer requirements.

The technology that PMX Industries installed in 1992 is still the newest and most modern copper mill in the United States as result of continuing upgrades and investment.

Designed to efficiently produce copper alloys using computerized control systems, our innovative Steckel hot mill distinguishes the PMX production process from older production facilities. Steckel furnaces reheat the metal in drums, keeping it pliable and enabling PMX to produce precision materials with enhanced properties, less waste, tighter tolerances, and higher quality. Extraordinary tight tolerances provide materials that can be easily utilized in high speed stamping, continuous welding and plating operations.

During our entire production process, from melting and casting to finishing, our operations are governed by our ISO 9001: 2008 quality management system. Our approach focuses on careful planning and design, outstanding laboratory practices, and expertise in fabrication, forming, and drawing to deliver cost-effective materials that meet each customer's requirements. The PMX process control system is designed to maintain the exact gauge, shape, and optimal metallurgical properties of our alloys from beginning to end.

Prior to shipping, we conduct comprehensive inspection and testing of all materials to verify requirements and standards are met. These methods complement our process control plan and FMEA which are established to build-in quality – not inspect in quality. We carefully package our materials to protect our oil-free surface. Manufactures, electroplaters, and welded tube producers notice the improvement an oil-free surface makes. Our commitment is to build quality into our processes, not inspect defects out of finished goods.

PMX supplies copper alloys in strip, coil, sheet and plate forms. We also offer high precision alloys for electronic connectors, EcoCopper™ building materials for green building projects, and MicroGuard™ antimicrobial copper alloys. We do not use any hazardous metals such as lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic, or hexavalent chromium in our processes or packaging.

PMX copper alloys meet all RoHS lead-free international standards. We recycle all of our copper scrap. Depending on the specific alloy, most of our materials contain between 35% and 100% of recycled content. PMX employees also have an active recycling program of metals, cardboard, plastic, and paper. These are some of the factors that establish our operation as a sustainable process that protects the health and safety of our employees and mitigates environmental impact.

Why PMX?

Our product portfolio includes copper, brass, and bronze alloys. Review our High Precision Copper Alloy Guide for more information.

Our quality system is designed to build quality into our processes, not inspect defects out of finished goods.

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