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PMX plate materials are produced with the same fine attention to detail as our strip, coil and sheet forms. Our copper plates are mill certified to superb flatness to minimize scrap. Plate gauges range from 0.120" to a maximum of 8.00" thick. Available in widths up to 30" wide and lengths up to 144" long, we also offer an extensive range of surface finishes.

Depending on the application and gauge, different tempers and target grain sizes are also available. Manufacturers will appreciate the defect-free structure and high dimensional stability inherent in PMX copper plate materials.

Our portfolio of lead-free copper plate alloys was developed for applications requiring high thermal conductivity, high wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and outstanding machinability.

Our EcoJet line of mold alloys is ideal for applications requiring high thermal conductivity, high surface hardness and high strength. EcoJet alloys for injection and blow molding increase cycle times due to improved heat transfer.

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