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PMX Standard Copper Alloys

Our portfolio of lead-free copper alloys and clad materials includes most all of the commercial alloy families including coppers, high coppers, brasses, and bronzes. Our metallurgy expertise plus copper's ability to combine with other metals enables engineers and product developers to count on PMX materials to cost-effectively meet the most demanding performance criteria.

Available in strip, coil, and sheet forms, we offer a variety of copper alloy finishes, textures, and colors ranging from red to yellow to bronze to silver. Our customers rely on PMX flexibility and innovation to tap into new product opportunities.

Click on the alloys below for more technical information:

  • XP6      -- Oxygen free copper (replaces C10200 OFHC)
  • C11000 -- Electrolytic tough pitch copper
  • C22000 – Commercial bronze
  • C26000 – Cartridge brass
  • C26800 – Yellow brass
  • C27200 – Yellow brass
  • C42200 – Tin brass 1%
  • C42500 – Tin brass 2%
  • C66908 -- Manganese bronze
  • C66913 -- Manganese bronze
  • C66925 -- Manganese bronze
  • C70600 – Copper nickel alloy 10%
  • C71000 -- Copper nickel alloy
  • C75200 – Nickel silver alloy
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