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The electronics industry is the fastest growing and most extensive of all industries. Electronics are used in an endless list of products and applications and are often the driving force in nearly all new product functions. Manufacturers are under tremendous pressure to be first-to-market with differentiated products. As a result, product life cycles are shorter and shorter.

PMX high precision copper alloys are an indispensable material in interconnection components for all types of electronics. Our connector alloys are used in the design of circuit boards, switches, terminals, and contact points for appliances, computers, televisions, gaming devices, and other consumer products.

Digital convergence and the desire to stay connected are driving demand for cell phones, PDAs, and portable media players. This means consumers need standardization in connector interfaces such as the USB to facilitate sharing of content over a variety of devices.

Our precision copper alloys are also used in a broad range of industrial and commercial electronic products. These alloys play a key role in the design of connectors, switches, terminals, and relays that are used in mission critical applications. For technical information, download the PMX High Precision Copper Alloy Guide.

In medical equipment and instrumentation, electronic technology has transformed healthcare and provides outstanding benefits to both patients and care givers. Interconnects made of high performing PMX copper alloys are critical in providing accurate signals and measurements in medical applications.

Where electricity flows, copper connectors made of PMX alloys are required. Our expertise in developing high precision copper alloys enables connector engineers and product developers to cost-effectively meet the most demanding performance requirements of the next generation of electronic devices.

Our connector alloys have made electronic products run faster, do more, and be more reliable. These electronic devices have made our lives more productive and better in many ways. Copper continues its remarkable record as an integral part of mankind.

Why PMX?

Our objective is to provide product developers with cost-effective materials that not only perform, but are reliable in miniaturized designs. Please contact us on your next design.

Our connector alloys are used   for components in computers, cell phones, and PDAs to name just a few.

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