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EPA Registered MicroGuard™Applications

Safe to use, MicroGuard antimicrobial copper alloys are the first solid touch surface material to be EPA registered with a public health claim to kill 99.9% of infectious bacteria* within two hours when cleaned regularly. MicroGuard alloys are EPA registered for use in healthcare, public, commercial and residential buildings for the touch surfaces listed below:

  • Bedrails, footboards
  • Over-bed tables
  • Bed-side tables (knobs, pulls, handles, surfaces)
  • Handrails (corridor/hallways), automatic door push plates
  • Stair rails, handrails, tubular railing, and supports, rail fittings T's, elbows and brackets
  • Elevators
  • Chairs, armrests, rails, backs, legs, and seats
  • Toilet safety rails
  • Toilet and urinal hardware, levers, push buttons
  • Toilet seat inlay for lifting of seat
  • Carts
  • Instrument handles
  • Intravenous poles, bases, hangers, clips
  • Trays
  • Walkers, wheelchair handles, and tubular components
  • Exercise and rehabilitation equipment
  • Medical records: chart holders, clipboards, filing systems
  • Door push plates, kick plates, mop plates, stretcher plates
  • Door stops, door pulls, door handles, and protector guards
  • Sinks: spigots, drains, sinks themselves
  • Faucet: handles, spigot, drain control lever
  • Water fountains: bubbler head, drain strainer, handle
  • Towel bars and grab bars in bathrooms
  • Showerheads
  • Countertops and tabletops (non-food use only)
  • Hinges, locks, latches, and trim
  • Closures
  • Vertical locking arms
  • Vertical cover guards
  • Protection bars
  • Light switches, switch plates
  • Lighting products
  • Thermostat covers, control knobs
  • Kitchen surfaces, cabinet doors, and appliance handles (microwave, refrigerator, stove)
  • Floor tiles
  • Lids of laundry hampers, trash canisters, and other containers
  • Shopping cart handles
  • Child seats
  • ATM housing and keys
  • Gym lockers
  • Indoor play area equipment
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