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EcoCopper Sustainable Benefits

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EcoCopper Building Products

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EcoCopper™ Building Products

Aesthetically, EcoCopper products offer numerous design possibilities. EcoCopper products are available in strip, coil, sheet, and plate forms. Durability, low maintenance, and a great appearance make EcoCopper products an excellent value.

Copper roofs have been documented to last for hundreds of years. Roofs and other architectural products made of EcoCopper and installed properly will outlast the 50-year warranty and withstand decades of abuse from extreme weather or heavy industrial environments. Cost-effective, EcoCopper will be recycled when its no longer in use retaining 95% of its original metal value for scrap.

For new or retrofit projects, EcoCopper building products are compatible with all types of mortar and install quickly. EcoCopper materials will not react with concrete, wood, brick, stucco, glass, or plastic surfaces. Available in a wide range of gauges, EcoCopper is easily formed and joined, mechanically or with solder. Truly a metal of many colors, EcoCopper building materials offer a variety of options in the planning and design of enduring structures.

Green Building

PMX has the ability to customize the mechanical and physical properties of a wide range of alloys to produce EcoCopper materials that will meet each customer's unique green building objectives. Contact us for more information.

EcoCopper materials can be engineered to fit specific or irregular shapes.

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