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Designing with EcoCopper

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Designing with EcoCopper™

From seashore to mountain tops, EcoCopper building materials are an excellent choice for all types of geographic regions. EcoCopper materials resist corrosion, withstand all types of weather, and remain beautiful for decades. In building applications that are critical to maintaining the integrity of the building envelope, EcoCopper performs these functions cost-effectively and for a long time.

When you consider various performance measures for green buildings, the ideal assessment should certainly include a total life cycle analysis to determine the environmental impact of building materials from extraction through disposal. EcoCopper alloys are continuously recovered, recycled and reused forming a cradle to cradle life cycle. EcoCopper materials will never wind up in a landfill.

Cost competitive, when compared to other building materials, maintenance-free and long-lasting, EcoCopper is the best value for high performance buildings. EcoCopper materials provide architects with extensive design flexibility. Building professionals and manufacturers will also appreciate the versatility of our engineered EcoCopper alloys.

EcoCopper materials are very malleable and easy to work by bending or deep drawing. EcoCopper materials will complement any style of building and can be used for numerous exterior and interior architectural applications. From traditional to modern, the warmth and beauty of EcoCopper materials will enhance any building project in new or retrofit construction.

Please review our frequently asked questions for additional information on EcoCopper.

LEED Credit

Depending on the location of the building project, EcoCopper materials may qualify for LEED credit under regional materials that are manufactured within 500 miles of the project. Contact us for help with your next project.

A PMX customer is installing this beautiful EcoCopper roof on his LEED certified home in Minnesota. Click here to see a larger image.

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